Future is (Blindingly) Bright for Mark Fast’s Diffusion Line, Faster

London-based knitwear designer Mark Fast made a trip across the pond to show his futuristic diffusion line, Faster.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
London-based knitwear designer Mark Fast made a trip across the pond this week to present his diffusion line, Faster, in conjunction with "Aldo Rise," the footwear brand's new initiative to create custom kicks for up-and-coming design talents.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Past collaborators in the "Rise" program include names-to-know like Christian Cota and Cushnie et Ochs.
Catherine Blair Pfander
"The Faster collection is really inspired by the technology that's created with it," Fast told us. "It's the idea of creating this new, kind of industrial hybrid of woman. She's feeding off the machines themselves."
Catherine Blair Pfander
The machines he's referring to are those used to create his elaborate knitwear experiments, which range from long, ankle-skimming creations (like the look shown) to scandalously short, almost swim-like ensembles.
Catherine Blair Pfander
The blindingly neon color palette gave the collection a futuristic "raver" quality (minus the plastic rainbow beads and glow-in-the-dark pacifiers). "I wanted to keep the spring collection very fresh," Fast explained. "I was interested in doing something kind of gothic, but in a very bright way."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Monotone neon looks -- complete with matching dip-dyed ponytails, eyeshadow and gloss -- made models look a little like stylish alien invaders.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Our favorite knitwear creations were those that combined classic crocheted details (like the crochet overlay on this bodysuit) with strong, geometric shapes.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Fast found a way to incorporate subtle layering details in his fanciful knit confections, like a bright orange mesh bra worn beneath a woven bodysuit.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Of course, for those who generally prefer to hide their derrieres, Fast offered up a number of statement-making mini skirts, like this bright orange number with tiny laser cut-outs.
Catherine Blair Pfander
After all the colorful, dip-dyed hair we've seen this summer, Fast's super-saturated ponytails will undoubtedly serve as beauty inspiration through the winter doldrums.
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