Former Rag & Bone Founder Launches Menswear Collection, Jardine

Former Rag & Bone Founder Launches Menswear Collection, Jardine

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You've heard of David Neville and Marcus Wainwright—co-founders of mini NYC fashion empire Rag & Bone—but perhaps you haven't heard of Nathan Bogle, who was the brand's third co-founder before leaving the company in 2006.

Now, Bogle is back on the fashion scene with a new collection of menswear, Jardine, so-named for his great grandfather.

But don't think Bogle will just rehash old Rag & Bone territory. For the new collection, he's skipping the familiar mix of English boarding school prep in favor of sleek minimalism with a hint of '80s swagger (and, notably, no denim styles whatsoever).

"Back then, I was really inspired by Americana and denim. I’m a different person now and I’m responding to something fresher and cleaner, to simplicity and an uncluttered look," Bogle told WWD.

Jardine will hit stores next spring, with prices ranging from $225 to $895. If Bogle has half as much zeal as his former Rag & Bone cohorts, we're betting success is in his future.

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