Fluorescent Fashion by Janet Hansen

Self-titled "Fashion Engineer" Janet Hansen and her company, Enlighted Clothing, are in the business of making high-voltage pieces that leave their customers literally beaming.

Specializing in handmade, LED-embedded apparel, Ms. Hansen's work is a stylish combination of art and engineering, equal parts "Lite Brite" and couture, A natural favorite among celebs seeking attention-grabbing garb, Hansen -- whose resume includes work in aerospace and bio-engineering -- recently built neon helmets for electronic duo, Daft Punk, and outfitted a music video for rapper, MIA.  She's also responsible for Kanye's infamous light-up sunglasses, a high-tech fashion show at MIT, and an assortment of glowing halos for a church choir.

A touch flash for city streets, you're unlikely to see the fluorescent fruits of Hansen's labor on the sidewalk any time soon, but who knows?  The '90s are back in style, after all, and what's more 90's than neon?

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