Ferrari Opens Store in Park Ave. Showroom

ferrari store

Looking to boost turnover of its $200K+ car stock, Ferrari has added a lifestyle gift shop to its Park Avenue showroom.

The iconic luxury automaker has opened slightly its doors to those fans who may covet the lifestyle of fast Italian sports cars but lack the funds to invest in the vehicles, which run between $198,000-$320,000. 

Now, the adjacent shop stocks accessories crafted from the same leather used in car seats, including wallets and bags between $220-$2,200 and a $1,200 leather jacket.  Also for the unfortunate masses who can't afford a Ferrari are some other next-best-thing goodies like a $2,600 chess sets constructed from the carbon fiber used in vehicle bodies, and co-branded Tod's suede car shoes for $430, Damiani diamond necklaces and a Ferrari perfume priced between $60-$130.

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