FEED Responds to Gap Bag Controversy

After pictures surfaced showing that some of Gap's Made-in-America FEED bags were actually "Made in China," FEED took pains to clarify the brand's mission statement.

We secured a partnership in June and had to have the bags ready by the end of August. We would have loved to have all bags made stateside, but with that tight of a production time, it would have been virtually impossible to secure the entire bag run in the U.S. Nowhere on the denim bags does it say "Made in the U.S.A."

In short: Only one bag in the production line actually says Made in America, while the others just have America iconography. What's more, FEED's mission is really to feed children, not sustain America's garment industry, per se. All valid points, but does seem to miss a larger issue. [The Feast NY]

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