Send a Fax to Rachel Comey's Revamped Website

We love a good web stunt, but we never thought we'd encounter an awesome fax-machine stunt, let alone one authored by hip NYC designer, Rachel Comey.

On her newly-revamped website, visitors are invited to pen messages to Comey and fax them to the machine in her office. The background of the site is a real-time video stream of her fax machine, allowing users to watch as their notes come through.

Although it doesn't get us any closer to ordering Comey's covetable leather booties from her e-commerce shop (which still only includes men's footwear), we tip our hat to Comey and her web team for coming up with such a witty marraige of new and outdated communication technology.

After all, there's never been a better opportunity to dust off the old fax machine and start practicing your doodle skills (though please, folks—keep it clean).

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