Fashion’s Night Out Special to Air on CBS

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Getty Images for Oscar de la Ren

Confirming rumors earlier this month about a potential TV deal for what's become one of the biggest fashion events on the city's calendar, CBS has announced it will be airing an hour-long special on this coming September's Fashion's Night Out.

The special -- a production of CBS News' Eye Too Productions -- will air September 15th, and will include both the hustle and mayhem surrounding the big night (this year, FNO will take place on September 10th), as well as the intense behind-the-scenes planning and coordination leading up to the big night.

In a statement, CBS executive producer had high praise for Fashion's Night Out, calling the event FNO "a self-styled stimulus package by the fashion industry that has ignited a global movement." And, indeed, the big night rallied shop owners to band together to stay out late and encourage shoppers with deals, cocktails, and more -- though we also must admit that the celebrity appearances (Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler singing with Oscar de la Renta, Rihanna causing a traffic jam in Soho) had a tendency to overshadow the actual shoppers. As one might imagine, it's rather hard to buy anything at a store packed full of people trying to spot Sienna Miller.

But we digress: The more folks encouraging the city's stylish denizens to support their local retailers, the better -- we just hope the CBS cameras don't keep the rest of the news outlets from getting a good view of the mayhem.

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