Fashion Week Pronunciation Guide

Study up with Thread's (unofficial) Fashion Week phonetics primer.

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Ohne Titel
Fashion presents some tricky pronunciation conundrums, so we've compiled a phonetic primer to prevent potentially embarrassing faux pas. First up, Ohne Titel (oh-nay TEE-tle). German for "without title", Ohne Titel is the title for the understated, equal-parts-structure-and-draping master designers Flora Gill and Alexa Adams.
Behnaz Sarafpour
Behnaz Sarafpour
BAY-nas SARAF-pour
The Iran-born designer and fashion veteran produces consistently chic, gently innovative styles season after season.
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A Détacher
Designer Mona Kowalska designs the under-the-radar cult favorite label, whose name in French means to detach, peel back or strip down.
Robert Salyers
Alexandre Herchcovitch
alek-SAN-der HERCH-co-vitch
It's long, but if you just break it down, the avant-garde Brazilian designer's name is pronounced just like it's spelled.
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Anna Sui
Short and sweet, well-known designer Anna Sui is pronounced like "sweet"--just drop the T.
Brian Reyes
Brian Reyes
bri-an RAY-ehz
Celebrity and editor darling Brian Reyes takes two distinct syllables for his last name.
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Devi Kroell
DEH-vee krew-ELL
Simple but maybe a little nuanced for the American tongue, Devi Kroell's German name is a cinch once you know for sure.
Bergdorf Goodman
Herve Leger by Max Azria
air-VAY leh-JHAY by MAX AZZ-ree-ah
A beginner's worst nightmare, this one's a double whammy that's easily demystified. Just remember to say it like you'd rock the designer's signature sexy bandage dress -- with confidence.
Loeffler Randall
Loeffler Randall
LEFF-ler RAN-dall
As long as you toss out the "o" when you say it out loud, this one's straightforward -- just like the brand's simple-but-killer shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear.
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L'Wren Scott
la-WREN scott
While one might be tempted to simply call the towering beauty (who boasts Mick Jagger as her go-to accessory) "awesome," you actually just pronounce her name as it looks.
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Following its Italian pronunciation, the "ch" gets a hard C-sound when spoken. The name Marchesa derives from the label's muse, 19th-century aristocrat and fashion eccentric Marchesa Casiti.
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Monique Lhiullier
mo-NEEK lew-lee-ay
Here's one whose spelling is perhaps the main challenge. Once you've got it down, you see the designer's sing-song French name is as pretty as her glamorous red carpet gowns and bridal dresses.
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Naeem Khan
na-EEM khan
The Indian-born designer's name is as common as its pronunciation is varied. It's important to know how to properly identify his breathtakingly intricate ready-to-wear, so study up!
Prabal Gurung
PRAH-bull guh-RUNG
Hailing from Nepal, Prabal Gurung rocks a simple, but maybe not-so-usual name here in the States. (Though it sure hasn't taken long for the young designer to skyrocket into our vernacular.)
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Proenza Schouler
pro-ENZ-ah SCHOOL-er
Designers Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez combined the respective maiden names of their mothers to name their label, becoming known as the "Proenza Schouler boys" during their growth into the role of industry darlings.
Susan Montgomery
Rad Hourani
rad ho-RAHN-ee
Even though it's the designer's name, we think "rad" is a great way to describe his sharp, androgynous collections.
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Ralph Lauren
Ralph LAUR-en
We hate to burst your bubble, but he ain't French, and it's not Ralph Laur-EN. The designer's pen name -- his given name is Ralph Rueben Lifshitz -- is the same Lauren as the six girls in your class growing up.
Iris Andonie Sperounes
Reed Krakoff
Reed KRAY-koff
Coach's president and executive creative director has recently launched his own line, so his name pronunciation debate is a particularly hot one. We'll go with the way that he introduced himself in person during a recent shoot.
To add that last syllable, or leave it off? That has been the question. Don't drop it if you want to pronounce Kate and Laura Mulleavy's label (and mother's maiden name) correctly.
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Sophie Theallet
SO-phie TEE-ah-LAY
The recent CFDA winner and emerging household name sounds as sweet as her signature feminine styles.
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Yigal Azrouël
yee-GALL azz-roo-EL
The Israeli designer's last name comes with a nice umlaut over the "e" to indicate the accented syllable. It rolls off the tongue as nicely as his creations drift down the runway.
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Yohji Yamamoto
YO-ji YA-ma-MO-to
Stalwart of innovative Japanese fashion, Yohji Yamamoto has a name that's a little long, but not tricky in the least: Just say it like it's spelled.
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