Fashion Week Daily Debrief: Jenn Hyman of Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway co-founder and CEO breaks down the best and worst of Thursday, the closing day of Fashion Week, from the Calvin Klein show to her Chanel-sized iPad.

What was the best thing you saw on Thursday?

The Calvin Klein show was the highlight of my day.  It was a true nod to the '60s keeping with the classic Calvin Klein aesthetic.  One of the standout pieces in my mind was a white-and-gray colorblock sheath that we’d love to have on Rent the Runway.

What shoes did you wear today?

I took advantage of the warmer temps and wore my black peep toe Valentino pumps!

What was the most challenging commute between shows?

Our Rent the Runway office is in the West Village so all the commuting during fashion week is pretty far but it just adds to the excitement. I think Lincoln Center is a great new home for Fashion Week.

What item in your bag did you use the most today / were the happiest you had with you?

My iPad!  It’s incredibly helpful in allowing me to multitask while running around during fashion week. Plus, it fits perfectly in my Chanel purse.

Your top “Wow, I work in fashion” moment of the day:

Just being among all of the talented designers, editors and marketers in the fashion industry is a true pleasure and something you realize even more during Fashion Week. I love seeing what fashion greats like Linda Fargo and Ken Downing are wearing and looking at -- they set so many of the trends.

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