Fashion Week Comedown: Lake & Stars Designers on Broken Bones, Designer Ice Cream

Any designer will tell you that his or her Fashion Week was pretty stressful, but Lake & Stars designers Nikki Dekker and Mayaan Zilberman knew they were in for a wild ride when Mayaan slipped and broke her knee less than two weeks before their presentation.

Undaunted, the ladies still pulled off a killer fashion week "trench coat party" (and debuted their first-ever outerwear pieces) with Zilberman sporting a stylish cast. Here, the duo spill their most memorable moments of the week (including designer ice cream bars and special cast trimmings).

The best "fashion show swag" I saw this fashion week was:
Dekker: "An ice cream bar."
Zilberman: "A designer friend sent me a package of trims from their collection to decorate my cast so I could feel like I was there."

By the time fashion week ends, my apartment looks:
Dekker: "Like my dog has made a nest on every surface with the contents of my closet."
Zilberman: "My bed is covered with lists on notepaper and my bedside table is covered in candy wrappers."

The very first thing I do when fashion week ends is:
Dekker: "Jump right into market appointments!"
Zilberman: "Ask my friends who were so busy with shows to come visit me and tell me all about what I missed!"

My favorite post-fashion week relaxation treat is:
Dekker: "Taking myself out for a very long lunch."
Zilberman: "Watching a TV show from start to finish."

My favorite show this season was:
Dekker: "Alexandre Herchcovitch had a really beautiful collection. The color palette was subtle but made so rich with the layering of fabrics. Siki Im had a fun show, too. It featured his gorgeous coats and jackets, but had a very cool Michael Jordan vibe helped along by the basketball court he showed on."
Zilberman: "The Proenza Schouler show was really moving, especially given the circumstances, and their focus on uniforms for martial arts and protection. We shared a lot of the same references this season, but it's always cool to see how different designers interpret them. I also loved J.Crew ... I would wear every item in their presentation. Both collections I loved because with the loose and short silhouettes, I can fit them over my leg brace!"

The craziest moment of this fashion week was:
Dekker: "When a neighboring designer's boxer crashed our photoshoot (he made it into a couple of the shots!)."
Zilberman: "Getting calls from people who thought they missed our show ... Funny that they thought our photos with ghosts and special effects were from a live presentation!"

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