Face Time: Hilary Rhoda on Steven Meisel and Why She Loves Twitter

Hilary Rhoda, a native of Chevy Chase, Maryland, has had quite the rise in the world of modeling. Discovered at an open call modeling event in Washington, DC in 2004, she has appeared in everything from Vogue to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, in advertisements for Balenciaga and Gucci, has a contract with cosmetic giant Estée Lauder and is one of the top-earning supermodels in the world. 

We caught up with Rhoda at the annual Love Heals at Luna Farm benefit in Southampton, which supports HIV/AIDs education, where Rhoda was acting as one of the hosts for the evening. As Rhoda told us: “Anything that I can do to help spread the word about this cause I am up for.” 
What are you are up to now?
I have been with Estée Lauder for five years now. I just got back from Hong Kong where we were shooting for a week. And I was also just in Montana shooting. I have just been working away this summer. Whenever I can come out here [to my home in Southampton] I do.
What’s the best thing about working with Estée Lauder?
There are so many great things about working with Estée Lauder, but one of the best is that I’ve learned how to do my own makeup.
You’ve become quite the Twitter phenomenon.
I think it’s great. There are even fan-run Twitter handles for me, which is really flattering. Right away they are on top of everything that I do. One of them even has, like, 10,000 followers, so they are spreading the word just as much as I as I am. The more that you can reach out to people, the better.
Do you tweet yourself? 
Oh yeah! I have it on my Blackberry. I was just checking it, actually, a few minutes ago. 
Any plans to walk on the runway more?
I walked in Givenchy during the fall shows. I would love to do more. I have been working so much I haven’t been able to, but if I have the time I would love to do more shows. In New York especially -- the energy is just amazing. And Paris is obviously gorgeous in the fall. 
You’ve worked with practically every photographer in the business, who’s your favorite?
Steven Meisel, hands down. Every shoot I’ve done with him has been something crazy. Once we were on a Hollywood back lot that looked like New York City, in full winter garb. I've shot with him in an airport set playing a terrorist.”
What’s on your summer must-haves list?
I just love to hang out at my house, in my backyard, grilling. I don’t go out that much when I am home since I am always traveling, so my summer clothing tends to be relaxed. My must-haves are a panama hat, sunscreen and a plain white suit. It’s hard to really go wrong in the summer.  
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