Face Time: Codie Young Can't Get Enough of Alanis Morissette's “Ironic”

18-year-old Australian model Codie Young has the vaguely alien-like brand of good looks that seem destined to be on the cover of magazines. No surprise, then, that the editor of Australian Vogue insisted on a cover shoot for their October 2010 issue in which Codie's marble-blue eyes are featured at their most haunting. An opening walk at Marni's latest runway show, along with appearances on top runways like Clavin Klein, Lanvin and Chanel have cemented Codie's fate as the girl to watch in 2011.

How were you first discovered?
I was discovered at a local shopping center by Summer Fisher who is my manager in Australia now.

Outside of modeling, what are some of your career goals?
I would like to go to university and study a visual art degree, have my own studio. I would also love to go on mission trips to Cambodia or Ethiopia or some place where people are struggling. I really want to do something with my life and I think that counts as career goals ...

How did working in Australia prepare you for fashion weeks in New York and Paris?
Working in Australia didn’t prepare me for fashion week as I hadn’t done a whole lot of work, which was how I wanted it to be, as finishing school was really important to me. However, I went to Tokyo for a month or so last year which helped me for the circuit as they work you really hard, so it gave me a taste of what it was like to have a hectic schedule. Both Australian work and fashion week are completely different, until you have experienced the show circuit it's something that I don’t think you can prepare for, it's not really like anything else. It's hard work that’s for sure; but I must admit I like hard work. I have always been like that, though.

Do you have any personal style icons?
I don’t have any personal style icons, I wear what I like.

We hear you're a painter! How would you describe your aesthetic? What inspires your artwork?
I’m a face person -- I find people really fascinating. But I also like keeping my head in the clouds. I love fantasy.

The makeup essential you can't leave the house without:
I don’t wear makeup unless I’m at work so I don’t have an essential.

The record you could listen to over and over and never get sick of.
"Ironic" by Alanis Morissette is such a good song. It’s a bit of an oldie but I really love it.

What's the best hair or makeup "secret" you've learned while modeling?
Dry shampoo -- not that it’s really a secret, but I’m pretty sure most hair stylists think it’s a life saver.

The most underrated wardrobe essential:
A good pair of comfy shoes like Doc Martens or Connies (Converse); not heels!

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