Two Minutes With: Erin Fetherston on Her New “Erin” Contemporary Line

The quintessential hipster-pixie feted her new contemporary line for Fall '11, reflecting on her inspiration, and how she, herself, is wearing it.

Who are you trying to reach with your new contemporary line, "Erin"?

Erin Fetherston: There's always been a following for my collection that's actually a pretty amazing range of people, and having been a designer now for 6 years as time goes by, you get a better and better sense of who's interested in your brand. To me, it's an entire range of younger girls who I know they want to get a dress for their prom to girls in their early 20s, lots of women in their 30s all the way up, there's no age for it. I was really compelled to launch a contemporary line, because at this price point, it's a lot more accessible, it can be that much more available to more people.

What was your inspiration behind the line?

I really wanted to approach doing a contemporary line with a designer philosophy. As this was the first-ever Erin I anted it to be more a big picture reflection of what the EF design aesthetic is, and where I'd like it to go with this line. So the overall inspiration was looser for me this season than past seasons that get anchored in specific muses or ideas. I really wanted the clothes to tbe this balance of light and airy and dreamy and romantic and to also have very modern chic tailored pieces with a twist and allow those elements to mix together.

How are you wearing it?

I wear everything! I love the wrap dress, that comes in a few different fabrics and, to me, is a great piece—it's really comfortable and I like it because it has coverage, but there's something really alluring about it. It's a dress I think you could wear a lot on vacation.

I did a whole series of pleated chiffon dresses which I've really been loving—I think because they're so easy and that's a dress that I can wear it all day long to the office and then maybe just change shoes and go out to a party. I like designing things that have that versatility.

Video courtesy of Fetherston Design Group, LLC.

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