Erica Weiner Soaks Up Summer With Cold Beer in Her Red Hook Backyard

With a new collection of fine jewelry dubbed "1909" and a totally revamped website, designer Erica Weiner has certainly had her hands full this summer. But the New Yorker still finds time to kick it in her Red Hook backyard, where, she points out, "the beer is free."

Summer Getaway: "Maine. My parents have a house in the small town of Washington, in Midcoast Maine, and it's been the family hub for years. I went to camp nearby—that's where I learned to make jewelry. Later, I got married there, and my best antiques dealers are there. It wouldn't be summer without an extended stay there with my husband and the rest of my family."

Warm-Weather Activity: "Lying prone in any outdoor setting, preferably with a body of water and a High Life in close proximity."

Beat-the-Heat Solution
: "I swear by minimal attire—I've gotten a surprising amount of mileage out of a striped cotton American Apparel maxi-dress that I bought earlier this year after shvitzing through whatever pretty silk number I was wearing. And afternoon naps are good too."

Summer Workload: "In this business, summer is funny. Retail traffic slows to a crawl, and there's not a ton of cash coming in, so you're a little ... restricted might be the right word? On the other hand, you want to take advantage of the quiet and work on projects for later in the year. We took a big leap this summer—we redesigned our website and launched a new collection of antique-inspired fine jewelry called 1909. It kept us crazy busy for months. So, summer workload: big! We still decided to keep our beloved summer Friday schedule in effect, though. Everyone works a half-day on Fridays and takes off in the early afternoon. There's gotta be a balance when it's this hot out."

Fondest Childhood Summer Memory: "Bikes were our mode of transportation and a mode of expression when I was a kid in the New Jersey suburbs. My friends and I would tear around town from the woods to the pool to the 7-11, where we'd shoplift Atomic Fireballs. We made lots of friendship bracelets, too." 

Summer Uniform: "See above—minimal attire. Plus strappy leather flats from Greece, a pedicure, and vintage Emmanuelle Khan tortoiseshell and snakeskin sunglasses. And a braided side-pony to keep my hair in check."

Summer Treat: "Pimm's Cup."

Summer Anthem: "Hmmm. We've been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean at the store, and I love 'Super Rich Kids.' That song is weirdly narcotic, and I find it relaxing. 'Tusk' has been on constant rotation as well. And, of course, 'Born to Run.' But that goes without saying."

Summer Style Icon:
"Matthew McConaughey in 'Dazed and Confused.' I guess I should pick a woman—hmm. Jean Seberg for all seasons."

Ultimate NYC Vacation for a Day: "Honestly, my backyard in Red Hook. It's verdant, overgrown, private, and beginning to smell like ripe tomatoes. Plus, the beer is free. All day."

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