Elle Fanning Stars in New Rodarte Short Film

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The fashion world is smitten with stylish 12-year-olds as late (we're lookin' at you, Tavi), and the Mulleavy sisters seem to have found a new pint-sized muse in the form of Elle Fanning, who stars in a short film for the brand, the mysteriously-titled "The Curve of Forgotten Things," debuting today on Nowness.com.

The film marks the second collaboration between the Mulleavy sisters and photographer/director Todd Cole, who previously worked with Rodarte on a moody video for their spring '10 collection. Unlike the earlier film, Cole told WWD the inspiration for Elle's movie was "Northern California and the Seventies. It’s about this girl who exists in this strange place outside of time. She’s digging up things from the land and the past, and she offers them to the sun.”

The film's color palette is sunny indeed, with gilded-gold Rodarte garb, shimmery gold makeup -- even Elle's glinting gold locks emphasize Cole's shimmery, pseudo-futuristic vision.

In addition to cementing Elle's fate as fashion's next pre-pubescent "It" girl, the video -- sponsored entirely by LVMH's pet project, Nowness.com -- has also sparked rumors that the investment group may have rekindled its interest in Rodarte.

For now, though, we just recommend taking precaution to view the film with some heavy sunglasses.

Elle Fanning: Rodarte's Muse on Nowness.com.

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