Egypt's Athletes Are Wearing Knockoffs to the Olympics

Team USA isn't the only one taking heat for its Olympic kits. Egypt's gear is emblazoned with the Nike and Adidas logos, but it looks like the familiar swoosh is a fake.

In light of the country's economic situation, Gen. Mahmoud Ahmed Ali decided the real thing was just too expensive. Instead, he signed with a Chinese distributor, opting for counterfeit gear, Yahoo! Sports reports.

And if the big-name sports apparel brands have a problem with the knockoffs, Ali suggests they take it up with the Chinese distributors.

As for Egypt's athletes, complaints have been plenty.

“It's so frustrating that we had to pay an extra 2,000 [Egyptian] pounds to have other proper stuff to wear so that we can look okay, not even good,” the synchronized swimmer Yomna Khallaf tweeted.

Khallaf's among the 112-strong team who received workout bags with the famous Nike logo on the front and Adidas zippers on the sides.

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