Edmundo Castillo: Shoes Are “Like Makeup for The Feet”

Six years after becoming creative director at Sergio Rossi, footwear designer Edmundo Castillo has revived his eponymous collection for spring 2011. The shining star of the collection--literally--is the light sandal, a rechargeable, luminescent shoe engineered with Oryon scientists.

“I aim to make beautiful, high-quality shoes that women not only want to wear, but collect.” says
Castillo. “The beauty of a shoe is in how it transforms and takes life when it makes contact with the
foot and graces it, instead of just covering it. Shoes are like makeup for the feet. I focus on creating
feminine, sexy shoes, made of only the finest materials; classic shapes with a modern edge.”

The light sandal, hitting stores next month, retails for $1,650, and comes with its own USB cable for powering up before stepping out. The collection overall sticks to the theme of modernity, with sleek lines and rich materials from high-shine leathers to snakeskin and suede.

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