Duckie Brown Debuts “Comfy Cozy” Womenswear

After ten years in menswear, Duckie Brown is exploring its feminine side with the 17-piece women's line, Mrs. Brown, WWD reports.

Dominated by knitwear with a twist -- designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver opt for more colorful language in their sit-down with the paper -- the contemporary collection includes asymmetrical cuts and high-concept techniques in easily-draped cardigans, pullovers, tank dresses, hoodies and a hat. For spring, the designers plan on introducing woven shirts, drop-crotch pants and leather jackets. Silver points to the pieces' "DNA of men's wear for women", asserting that he and Cox are "not doing girly-girl clothing ... at least not today." 

At the heart of their sense of fashion adventure, however, is a fairly basic tenet that guides the cross into womenswear, charmingly described by Cox:

“There’s a signature in Duckie Brown that was always long over short over short over long. It’s slouchy, it’s comfortable. My brother and his wife have this phrase that inspired us: ‘comfy cozy.’ It’s what they call the clothes they wear when they get home, like sweatpants.” 

As for the name, it wasn't picked with simply the men's collection's wife in mind, but rather, as an allusion to the nickname of Queen Victoria's butler, John Brown, and the song, "Mrs. Brown, You've got a Lovely Daughter" by '60s teenybopper band, Herman's Hermits. Said Silver: “We didn’t use Miss because it sounded too missy. And Ms. was a very Seventies, Gloria Steinem kind of thing. Mrs. Brown sounds grown up, but could be anyone from 20 to 80.”

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