Dressing Rules: Lizzie Fortunato Mixes Prints, Invests in the Classics

NYC jeweler Lizzie Fortunato handcrafts some of the coolest jewelry in the city and even manages to look perfectly put-together while she does it, so we quizzed the talented designer on daily dressing rules. Among her sage words of wisdom: Invest in the right tailor and mix things up with wild new prints.

Do: "Always hem your skinny jeans so they hit at the ankle. It's the best $7 you could spend."

Do: "Invest in the perfect tailored blazer."

Do: "Find good accessories for your technology! We just came out with leather and embroidered iPad clutches and I've been carrying my laptop in a leather document case of my grandmother's ... very chic."

Do: "Spend on classics; I'm all for trips to TopShop but the things in my closet that I always come back to are the pieces I've splurged on that I know I'll own for years."

Don't: "Be scared to layer your accessories: I often subscribe to 'less is more' with my clothes (I live in cropped jeans, tailored blazers, and men's-inspired oxfords in a neutral palate), but not with my accessories. I'm always a fan of a statement necklace with a big tote and a printed scarf."

Don't: "Fall into the 'It-bag' trap. There will always be new status bag and keeping up with them is too hard and expensive. I love finding beautiful leather or beaded bags that are free of any logo."

Don't: "Be scared to try mixed prints, especially with all the amazing floral and animal print trends happening at the moment. SUNO, who we've collaborated on accessories with, has taught me how to wear prints together."

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