Dressing Rules: Jenni Kayne Advocates Stylish Dinner Garb, Pops of Bright Color

Judging by all the "how-to" style and beauty guides on bookshelves, you'd think personal style were as easy as 1, 2, 3. In reality, of course, individual style is rarely so simple. With Dressing Rules, we ask industry insiders to spill the rules they dress by -- and the ones they can't wait to break.

Jenni Kayne's collections are often the ones that, considered as a whole, most closely resemble our fantasy wardrobes: her razor-sharp tailoring, wearable silhouettes and fun, feminine flourishes suggest a woman that has things pretty figured out—and who wouldn't want to look like that?

Naturally, we were eager to hear Jenni's "style ABCs," the fashion rules she's guided by when designing those super-sophisticated collections, or simply getting dressed in the morning.

DO  - "Dress for dinner!"

DON'T - "Wear one designer from head to toe."

DO - "Mix neutrals with pop colors."

DON'T - "Wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable."

DO - "Invest in great outerwear."

DON'T - "Dress for anyone but yourself."

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