Donatella Versace Auctions Semester-Long Internship

It's almost as if the auctions themselves are bidding against one another: After Anna Wintour offered up a week of work at Vogue (which is still going at around $13,000), Donatella Versace one-upped her with an entire semester internship at Versace's New York offices, as well as tickets to the label's Milan show with Christopher Kane and a meet-and-greet with Donatella herself. 

The charitybuzz auction proceeds will benefit the Art of Elysium, a non-profit that coordinates volunteer work by artists of all stripes to visit with and entertain terminally ill children.  To date, it seems as though the auction packages have been mainly for show, allowing the winning bidder a week here, or a day there, but the Versace gig is a legitimate semester "abroad" in the world of fashion.  We're curious to see if that ups the ante when it comes to bidding -- will people pay more to actually learn something? 

In addition to the internship, tickets to the show in Milan (which, alas, doesn't include airfare to and fro, but c'mon, make the splurge) and a chance to meet Donatella, the package includes a Versus tee and perfume -- both signed by Ms. Versace herself. 

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