Dog Fur Discovered in Sean John Jackets

UPDATE: This story was originally reported in 2006, and was erroneously re-reported in 2010. As a spokesperson for Sean John told us, the label no longer uses any fur product whatsoever, in trims or otherwise.

Two styles of Sean Jean jackets have apparently been pulled from Macy's shelves because not only are they not faux fur as advertised, they actually contain fur from a kind of dog.

According to the AP, 10 garments that were advertised as faux fur were tested by the Humane Society and found to contain fur from raccoon dogs, an animal that lives in areas of Asia. Wayne Pacelle, the president and CEO of the Humane Society of United States, told the AP that this is actually an "industry-wide" problem, and, in fact, similar fur has been found on fur-trimmed jackets at the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue, MaxMara, and Calvin Klein.

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