Dior Might Not Announce Galliano’s Replacement for Months

Getty Images

While many have been waiting with baited breath for LVMH to announce a successor at Dior for John Galliano, reports indicate the company might not announce a replacement for quite some time.

Fashionista reports that Dior likely won't make a formal announcement about Galliano's replacement until the fall. Rumors have run rampant over Twitter that frontrunner Riccardo Tisci (currently the lead designer at Givenchy) would be the new chief at Dior -- writer Derek Blasberg went so far as to say it was "confirmed" -- for weeks, but there has still be no official word from Paris.

One reason that LVMH is currently prohibited from making any formal announcements is that Galliano has yet to be officially fired: Dior announced it was entering the process of firing Galliano on March 1, but the process has yet to be concluded.

Fashionista also posits a very good theory on why an official successor announcement is likely months away: Dior and its parent company, LVMH, likely have no desire to "overshadow" the current spring season with a lot of news about a new talent joining the fold.

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