Diesel Flagship Hosting Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Ball Pit Today

Diesel has created buzz lately with their "Be Stupid" campaign, and with today's game plan to have actors Jonah Hill and Russell Brand do interviews and models hang in a ball pit in the windows of the flagship, attention will surely be grabbed.

Hill and Brand will talk to E! News' Ben Lyons from the Diesel windows to promote their new movie, Get Him to the Greek.  Curious onlookers will be lured inside with free T-shirts and movie passes and barring any strict contract arrangements, we assume some misbehavior from the irreverent and sometimes kooky pair. 

There's more: Racked revealed the windows will get a second round of madness when a gaggle of models take to a ball pit alongside contests for more movie passes and a $1,000 shopping spree.

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