Diane Von Furstenberg Thinks Kate Middleton Should Wear McQueen

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Diane von Furstenberg -- one of the great dames of American fashion -- gave her take on the soon-to-be-princess Kate Middleton's style, as well as how she thinks "all women are the same."

The interview was pegged to the soon-to-launch Diane Vintage line, which will showcase some of the designer's most iconic designs. Naturally, however, the conversation turned to the dressing of a different woman: Kate Middleton. Of Middleton's current style, von Furstenberg said that she liked that "she seems to be very independent." As for the royal wedding itself, von Furstenberg said

"I think she should go for Alexander McQueen. But you know what? She reminds me more and more of Diana. Everything about her. I think she's there to avenge Diana's memory -- that's clearly what William wants. Giving Kate his mother's ring was a great gesture, and I think that theirs will be a happy version of his parents' marriage. But he absolutely chose a woman who was like his mother -- that was deliberate."

When asked about her own success with fashion and dressing, von Furstenberg credited her understanding of women overall: "If you understand yourself, you understand women, because, in the end, all women are the same."

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