Diane von Furstenberg Joins Billionaires' Pledge

Diane von Furstenberg has agreed to donate half her entire fortune to the Giving Pledge (a fund established by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett), making her rather the fashion world's equivalent of a Warren Buffett.

The designer's personal fortune is unknown, but having pledged together with her husband Barry Diller, whose net worth is estimated around $1.8 billion, her commitment is certain to be a significant one. According to reports, 70 of 80 families in the billion-dollar club have joined the effort, which is essentially a promise to give a majority of one's wealth to philanthropic causes.

Diller and von Furstenberg have yet to reveal how they plan to allocate their generosity, but DVF already has a proven track record of charitable giving, and of course has worked diligently to support burgeoning talent within the fashion industry.

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