An Ohio Clinic Has Its Very Own DVF Wrap Gowns

Diane von Furstenberg lends her signature aesthetic to the patients of the Cleveland Clinic, with newly-designed hospital gowns.

The renowned Cleveland Clinic tapped DVF to create an improved version of the traditional gown that not only looks pretty attractive, but remains maneuverable for the patients wearing them and the doctors treating them, Newsweek reports. Von Furstenberg's design-savvy went futher than just the sweet print, which displays the Cleveland Clinic logo with the DVF spin. The gowns are also designed for easy mobility, in addition to adapting to the special temperature and conditions of a hospital environment.

Cleveland Clinic employee Jeanne Ryan led the design overhaul, and told Newsweek that the new design, which incorporates elastic waist and (not surprisingly) a wrap-around style, has been generally well received. The phrase, "When you look good, you feel good," is something hospitals should take into consideration more.

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