Designers on Summer: Suzanne Rae Craves Seafood, The Cults

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Alex Matthews

Designer Suzanne Rae's collection this season is steeped in the bright-and-breezy vibe of summer, with romantic, free-flowing ruffled sundresses in vibrant hues and prints, partnered with crisp separates.

When it comes to her own M.O. this time of year, she's contemplating a trip to Burning Man, eating seafood, and sunbathing on the roof to her namesake anthem by Leonard Cohen.

Summer Getaway:
"I went to Miami for my birthday, and I really hope to go to Burning Man in late August—if the collection is done!"

Warm-Weather Activities:
"Riding bikes, going to the beach, rooftop sun-bathing and day-time partying."

Beat-the-Heat Solution:
"Relaxing and just taking it slow indoors, using as little energy (kinetic, electrical, all forms!) as possible."

Fondest Childhood Summer Memory:
"Swimming all day in my parents' backyard with BBQ and burgers."

Summer Uniform:
"This kaftan from the Phillippines that used to be my mom's, it's very airy."

Summer Anthem:
"'Suzanne' by Leonard Cohen. I was named after that song, it's a sort of self-prophesizing reality. But for this summer, it's 'Go Outside' by the Cults."

Summer Treat:
"Fresh seafood by the water."

Summer Style Icon:

Ultimate NYC Vacation-for-a-Day:
"Going to Sheepshead Bay, and going sailing to Rockaway Beach on my friend's sailboat."

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