Designer Playlist: Suzanne Rae Jams to Velvet Underground, Stereo Lab

Not only do designers have excellent taste in fashion, but we find they often have top-notch tunes on their iPods (as evidenced by the catchy, thumping beats at their fashion shows).
Considering Suzanne Rae invited indie darlings Mother Feather to do a live performance at her fall 2011 presentation, we knew music was near and dear to the designer's heart. Here, Rae spills her favorite downloads of May 2012: a mash-up of groovy golden oldies and alternative rock classics.
"Sunday Morning," The Velvet Underground: "Just because it mellows me out and feels so good."
"Break on Through," The Doors: "I'm channeling Jim Morrison's energy as I vibe the treatment for our Fall 2012 short collection film."
"Jimmy," Moriarty: "It just keeps me grounded."
"Slow Fast Hazel," Stereo Lab: "It's soothing, but so pretty and inspiring in a futuristic sort of way."
"Planet Health," Chairlift: "So pretty, in an '80s-but-new-song way. It also reminds me of hanging out with my friends during hot summer days."

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