Designer Playlist: Caitlin Mociun Makes Dinner to Active Child

It seems designer Caitlin Mociun has terrific taste in just about everything, from her dainty, geometric baubles to the off-kilter household items and art objects stocked at her new Wythe Street boutique.
As it turns out, her iPod is equally intriguing. This summer, the Brooklyn-based designer is rocking out to Santigold's crooning vocals and Bill Withers' classics.
"The Riot's Gone," Santigold: "I like to listen to this in the morning. It's really good waking-up music. Actually, the whole new album is."
"Way Too Fast," Active Child: "Evening listing. I listen to this album when I'm making dinner."

"The Vision," Joker: "Rad song—a good subway song!"

"Sweet Wanomi," Bill Withers: "I love this song all the time. It's such a great love song."
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