Foley & Corinna's 10 Favorite NYC Vintage Stores

Anna Corinna and Dana Foley, owners of Lower East Side boutique Foley & Corinna and a line of clothes and accessories of the same name, have always had a love of vintage. Here, their top picks in NYC.

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Courtesy of Foley & Corinna
Dana Foley (left) and Anna Corinna (right) launched Lower East Side boutique Foley & Corinna in 1998, stocking one-of-a-kind clothing and bags along with a selection of vintage clothing. The duo have such a strong eye for vintage that designers from Ralph Lauren to Donna Karan have come calling to buy their vintage picks as design inspiration. Since then, the duos own line has exploded, worn by everyone from Leighton Meester to Eva Longoria, but the two remain avid vintage collectors. Here, their top picks in New York City.
AMARCORD (252 Lafayette St., Manhattan): "The owners do all of their shopping in Europe and it shows in the quality," Corinna says. "It has a much different feel than any other stores."
BROOKLYN FLEA (176 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn): "New people come out every weekend and you never know what you're gonna find," Corinna shares. "The BK flea is good for everything—jewelry, clothes, furniture—it's truly one-stop shopping."
DAHA (175 Orchard St., Manhattan): "[This store stocks] well edited and really wearable vintage at great prices...[And they have] shoes in many sizes," says Corinna.
EDITH MACHINIST (104 Rivington St., Manhattan): "Dana and I both know the owner well—she's a great buyer and shopper," says Corinna. "She is the best handbags source and the shoes are incredible. You can tell she shops all the time. Every time you go in, there's a new selection of treasures."
THE FAMILY JEWELS (130 W. 23rd St., Manhattan): "This is Dana's favorite shop," say Corinna. "Mainly ready-to-wear—amazing dresses, tops, skirts. It offers a little bit of everything from every decade."
HELL'S KITCHEN FLEA MARKET (406 W. 39th St., Manhattan): "The classic old-school flea, the original," says Corinna. "Dana and I both started our businesses at the 26th Street flea and when buildings went up at 26th, the flea moved and became the Hell's Kitchen Flea. It has really good antique dealers and is the best flea market in the city, hands down."
NARNIA (161 Rivington St., Manhattan): "The woman that owns it has the best taste, more toward the hippie side but [this store] covers all time periods," says Corinna. "This is my favorite vintage store in the city...always has the best dresses and she's found some great inspiration pieces for our line."
SOME OLD RUBIES (151 Ludlow St., Manhattan): "This place reworks vintage to make modern cuts," Corinna says. "Their designers recreate older pieces by changing the fit of a dress to make it cool and fresh...but also keeping the old beautiful details."
RABBITS (120 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn): "Cutest little vintage store—you feel like you're in somebody's closet," Corinna says. "[And it] always has great handbags."
SHOWPLACE ANTIQUE CENTER (40 W. 25th Street, Manhattan): "This is an indoor space housing numerous antique dealers, each with their own stores showing furniture, jewelry, clothing, etc." says Corinna. "Each vendor pays rent so it's more editred than an open flea market. The top floor has gorgeous home pieces and lighting fixtures. Similar to an antique show, you can call to make appointment."
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