Daily Debrief: Bloomingdales Director Brooke Jaffe on Wednesday

Bloomingdale's fashion accessories director breaks down the best and worst of Fashion Week on Wednesday, from the Michael Kors show to the protein bars in her purse.

Sum up your day in one word:

Chaotic but inspiring ... It was also my birthday!

What was the best thing you saw?

I had an incredible day of shows. I loved Michael Kors, it was aspirational and glamorous - every girl was the girl I wanted to be. Not to mention the music put you in a happy state of mind, sometimes I think the importance of a good sound track gets lost!

What shoes did you wear today?

Sergio Rossi black suede wedges.

What was the most challenging commute between shows?

Getting from Lincoln to the Meatpacking District hasn't been easy. When you are one out of 30 people trying to hail a cab in front of Lincoln Center your odds are never great.

What item in your bag did you use the most today / were the happiest you had with you?

Nibbling on almonds and protein bars are mandatory to function at full capacity.

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