Cynthia Rowley's Latest Fashionable Non-Fashion Project: Band-Aids

Cynthia Rowley is one roll of paper towels away from turning into a Wal-Mart. The enterprising and tireless designer whose range of recent collaborations include surfwear and limited-edition surfboards for Roxy, tools for Genuine Article, and "on-trend" diapers for Pampers, now includes fashionable Band-Aids in her repertoire.

The limited edition band-aid tins feature a variety of different print designs, including sequins, gold-link chains, and photo-art. Ten percent of the proceeds will go towards Design Ignites Change, a charity that fosters community design and architecture projects amongst high school and college students.

All the more reason to graduate from your Sponge Bob Squarepants bandages (the irony was starting to wear a little thin anyways).

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