Costello Tagliapietra Fall 2011: Polished Uptown Looks and ’70s Colors

Costello Tagliapietra's designers Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra said in their run of show that they were "Thinking about a time when we first met in New York 17 years ago" as they were creating their fall 2011 collection. The duo must have had some chic friends in 1994.

The show kicked off with a series of perfectly cut vermillion colored pieces -- a V-neck dress and a coat dress. A mint open front dress with unhemmed sleeves felt perfectly polished, the kind of piece you might imagine Jackie Kennedy wearing to work during her days as a publisher at Doubleday. The color palette of copper, chalkboard green and grey added a subtle 1970s feeling to the show.

This collection was a glamorous turn for the designers thanks to alpaca fur collars, print sequins and a parade of knit gowns (a great take on black tie). The makeup, created by MAC, and the hair, done in collaboration with RIta Hazan Salon's Lead Stylist Nelson Vercher was full on glamour girl -- va-va-vooom voluminous hair, shiny red lips and smoky blue eyes.

Of course everyone's favorite part of Costello Tagliapietra show is getting a glimpse of the designers who have been affectionately nicknamed the "lumberjack designers" because of their penchant for wearing plaid. This season was no exception, and the crowd let out a roar when they took their bow.

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