Elle Offices Closed for Bed Bugs

Employees of the high-fashion glossy are officially working from home while their office gets treated for bed bugs.

We'd actually heard whispered rumors about a bed bug situation in the Hachette building, but considering how bed bug rumors have been running rampant (remember that weird tipster who e-mailed about odd happenings at the Ralph Lauren store?), we figured it was best to wait until we could get confirmation.

According to Page Six, the rumors are true: Elle's stylish staff has been sent home while the 44th floor of the Hachette Filipacchi building is treated. The much-publicized bug-sniffing beagles have been brought in, but according to some insiders we talked to in the building, nothing has yet been found. The source seems to have brought in the bugs from the outside, as is almost always the case -- but as you can imagine, our source reports that the folks who work there are more than a little bit anxious. We can't wait to see how things particular episode shakes out on The City!

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