Coming to the East Harlem Target: Designer Diapers by Cynthia Rowley

As skeptical as we are about the possibility of babies entering the "designer wear" market, we have to admit that Cynthia Rowley's newest offerings are pretty darn cute.

Rowley collaborated with Pampers on the line of baby-wear for Target and, we'll admit, when we first heard about the collab, we found the idea of "designer diapers" more than a little bit cringe-worthy. But frankly, if any designer were to attempt such a feat, Rowley's a pretty good bet: She's done marvelous job with an otherwise yawn-inducing topic, shapewear, and has even managed to make wetsuits look seriously chic. Why not diapers? 

For those parents looking for something more than the everyday white or Winnie the Pooh option for their tots, Rowley's newest wares will be available at the East River Target on Sunday and online for $14.99. Blessedly, the "designer" element doesn't seem to apply to the price.

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