Clippings: Tavi’s Blog Gets Shut Down Edition

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- The fashion world fretted and freaked yesterday when newly 14-year-old Tavi Gevinson's "Style Rookie" blog was suddenly shut down yesterday, seemingly due to a violation of Blogger's Terms of Service (likely caused buy a certain nude photo of a young Maggie Rizer in a Yohji Yamamoto ad). A Google spokesperson said: "The blog in question was mistakenly taken down by our automated system. As soon as we became aware of this, we immediately reinstated it." Regardless, Tavi has since removed the offending picture, and the site's back up. Breathe easy, fashion community. [WSJ, Fashionista, Style Rookie]

- Armani opened up a fancy hotel in Dubai, where rooms start at $750 a night. The skyscraper it resides in, however, is still under construction. [The Cut

- In case you haven't heard, Gilt's launched yet another arm of its ever-expanding empire: Gilt City, which offers deals on local salons, restaurants, and more. Right now, it's only in New York. [Gilt City]

- Karl Lagerfeld shot a cheeky little campaign for Chanel's sister brand, Eres, wherein a visitor can click on the image of a model dolled up in Chanel looks and have the clothing fall away, revealing the Eres underpinning beneath. [WWD]

- Akon's suing his former business partners over having stolen the name "Konvict" and putting it on a new fragrance. No word yet how said fragrance smells. [NY Daily News]

- Fordham has created a Fashion Law Institute -- according to the university, the first of its kind -- dedicated solely to the legal training that the fashion industry's many quirks demands. [WWD]

- Bert Tanksy, the 71-year-old CEO of Neiman Marcus, announced that he'll be retiring this month after having worked at the company for more than 20 years. [Fashionista]

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