Clippings: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Wacky Hat Edition

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- While we appreciate Sarah Jessica Parker's love of a good hat -- as demonstrated by her Philip Treacy chapeau at the Sex and the City 2 premiere in London -- we do wish she hadn't chosen a hat that seems like it might have been inspired by the smoke monster on "Lost." [The Cut]

- In a similar move, Venus Williams opted for a black lace tennis dress for the French Open. We're not sure what's worse: That her underpinnings were nude, making it look like she wasn't wearing any underwear, or that she actually designed the outfit herself. [NY Times]

- Some Louis Vuitton ads depicting a woman putting together one of the iconic bags with a needle and thread have been banned in the UK becuase they suggest that the bags are, in fact, handmade. (Not to bust anyone's bubble, but, they're not). [Daily Mail]

- Lane Byrant has posted a truly terrifying video depicting Victoria's Secret models as skeletons. Cheeky, but pretty darn spooky. [Stylelist]

- Mutliple books on Carrie Bradshaw notwithstanding, author Candace Bushnell insists that she doesn't actually shop all that much. [The Cut]

- Cintra Wilson is officially out as The Crticial Shopper in the Thursday Styles edition of the New York Times. Apparently, the paper isn't giving those types of assignments out to freelancers anymore. While we'll certainly miss Wilson's take-no-prisoners reviews, that JCPenney scandal was a little over the top. [Shophound]

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