Clippings: Halle Berry Rumored to Be on Vogue’s September Cover

Getty Images for ML

- Vogue's September cover is a sacred thing in the fashion industry, so a rumor that's recently surfaced reporting that Halle Berry might grace the much-anticipated annual issue is interesting water-cooler fodder indeed. For one, it seems like it's been a while since Berry graced a serious fashion magazine, and what's more, it seems like an especially long time since Vogue has highlighted an African-American for its September cover. [Fashionista]

- Gucci will unveil its first children's collection on June 24 in Milan. Yes, there are baby clothes, and yes, there are also children's sunglasses and accessories. [WWD]

- High heels aren't just for dames anymore, at least in London: Heels are apparently gracing the soles of more and more guys in the city's most fashion-forward circles. [NY Daily News]

- Memo to anyone planning to wear leggings in the Conde Nast cafeteria: You will, apparently, likely be mocked on Facebook. [The Awl]

- Rumors that Zara would finally start to offer e-commerce have proven true -- except the massive brand will be offering their wares online everywhere but the U.S. Sigh. [Fashionista]

- The Kimberly Hotel in midtown is clearly looking to establish its scenester cred: Not only is it opening a rooftop bar, they've recruited David and Phillip Blond (of Gaga and Rihanna's corsets fame) to design the staff's ensembles. [WWD]

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