Clippings: Cathy Horyn Hates On Milan Edition

- Yesterday, protesters in Milan hated on Anna Wintour for shortening her trip to the Italian fashion capital's fashion week. Unfortunately for Milan, few reputable sources seem to be coming to the city's defense. The New York Times' Cathy Horyn called the whole affair "an enternity of bad clothes crammed into four days with editors raging like shut-ins about the lack of fun ("Help, I need a drink!") and the blogger Bryanboy announcing on Twitter that he had scored a free fur jacket from Dolce & Gabbana." Ouch. [NY Times]

- Despite the fact that OJ Simpson oh-so-generously offered to donate the suit he was wearing at the time of his acquittal to the Smithsonian, an official from the Smithsonian told TMZ that the item would first have to be vetted by museum curators. Read: Slim chance this puppy's ending up in a museum. [TMZ]

- Christian Lacroix has severed all ties with his namesake label, and has turned instead to creating costumes for the theater and other odd projects through his own studio, XLCX. The CEO of Christian Lacroix, however, still intends to roll out new licensing deals for the brand -- whether Lacroix's actually designing for it or not. [Fashionologie]

- Get ready for a big shocker: Huge engagement rings are out! Most women are apparently either downsizing or wearing just a wedding band. [New York Post]

- Rumors are swirling that Tommy Hilfiger might be sold -- the private equity firm that's owned Tommy Hilfiger Corp. for four years is reportedly looking to sell. [WWD]

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