Christian Siriano: Ruffles, Sparkles and Amber Rose

christian siriano thumb
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A spritely Christian Siriano showed a fall 2010 collection of cocktail frocks and dramatic gowns, de rigueur, offering the massive, star-studded crowd the looks he does best.

He's young, but something felt tried-and-true about watching Siriano's dresses go down the runway. The alternative constructions on clean and pretty jumbo ruffles and cascades of satin and silk kept things familiar. Terrifying shoe-towers (available at Payless come fall) and stillettos topped (er, bottomed?) it all off.  The shoes are cool, natch, but they get us thinking that the evolution of footwear will advance so that humans seeking to be chic will soon be clomping around in actual stilts with red bottoms.


Mayhem surrounded Amber Rose, Kirsten Johnston, Mena Suvari, Veronica Webb and Caridee English; a surprisingly raucous affair, to be honest.

The designer pulled in the reins of the his flamboyance, showing lots of black and navy and serious jewel tones, plus a slate gray that stole our hearts.  Jersey clung, but covered, and suits were smart.

The showstopper finale gown became an instant convention for this season's Siriano as the audience giddily applauded the sweetheart raspberry gown adorned with flurries of tulle that graduated gracefully into a major train.  So major, in fact, that the happy clapping was momentarily interrupted with a sudden gasp when model Sessilee Lopez took a teensy stumble.  She quickly recovered and marched on in that magnificent pile of pink ruffles with, undoubtedly, a pair of Siriano shoes underneath, so really, a second of unsteadiness is a feat in itself.

Equally treacherous was the process of getting in and out of the tents- it was a packed house for the little Project Runway prince.

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