Chloe Sevigny's Opening Ceremony Collaboration Happened Over Lunch

Starlet-turned-designer Chloe Sevigny recently staged her first-ever runway show for her massive and successful collaboration with downtown It-label emporium Opening Ceremony -- and chose a unique venue for the presentation: a high school gym.

A slew of sweaty fashion folk -- the gym wasn't air conditioned, adding a rather gritty and authentic vibe to the night -- turned out to see the collection, which Sevigny said was inspired by a trip to a fashion exhibit at LACMA that featured, among other things, Victorian-style undergarments.

The fact that Sevigny could stage such a massive show for an in-between season says a lot about how successful the partnership with Opening Ceremony has been. Interestingly enough, it all started over a simple lunch between Sevigny and Opening Ceremony co-founder Humberto Leon, who'd read an online story about how the only fashion collaboration Sevigny would ever consider doing would be with his store. Judging by the appeal of this collection -- which featured flouncy skirts, exquisite laser-cut detailing, and a cheeky letterman jacket -- we'd wager there'll be much more to come.

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