Charlotte Ronson Gives Interviewer Attitude


Designer Charlotte Ronson (and twin of D.J. Samantha of LiLo fame) was less than thrilled to be interviewed by the Telegraph. As such, the reporter paints a less than flattering portrait of what was for both parties, a very long hour.

After unapologetically slinking in late, Ronson's manner bordered on surly. And her publicist, ensconced for the duration, didn't help smooth the way. 

What did we learn about the British-born, American-bred designer who has a flagship boutique in Nolita and a two-year deal with JC Penney? Well, she knows a lot of famous folk. Grew up with them even. Her stepfather is the lead singer of Foreigner and her brother Mark is Amy Winehouse's producer. Lily Allen and Nicole Richie are among her besties and Al Pacino and Andy Warhol hung about the house when she was a kid.

Oh, and her mother was really strict, making them sign in with the doorman when they arrived home. Yes, we're thinking, our mums insisted on that too.

She admitted to feeling giddy when she sees real people wearing her designs (as opposed to "some model"). And she compared New Yorkers' fashion sense unfavorably to that of London. While Londeners have fun with fashion, she says, "New Yorkers think just wearing all black looks quite sophisticated."

Thanks for the advice Charlotte. We're running down to Nolita now to buy one of your frocks.

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