Trousers Are Back: Chaiken and Capone Returns for Spring

chaiken wide

The evolution of Chaiken and Capone was a fairly quiet one, with the designer pair Julie Chaiken and Pamela Capone launching their label in 1994, striking success with accessibly priced pants that fit and a range of separates. After Capone exited in 1998, Chaiken, as it was then called, endured until 2008, when the business was relocated and gradually tapered off into "specialty projects," according to WWD.

Now, Chaiken has regrouped and reintroduced a new Chaiken and Capone collection to a select group of stores for spring, including Barneys Co-op. The price point has been brought down to reflect a more contemporary consumer base ($60-$64 for cotton tops and $112 for dresses), and the current soft launch will eventually give way to an expanded selection of knits, leather and career wear.

Chaiken described the aesthetic to WWD as "very classic and clean, while being fashion forward. That is what people have always come to me for." 

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