Lindsay Lohan's Bad Behavior Might Actually Be Good for Her Brand

Lindsay Lohan popped back into the news this week, receiving a 90-day jail sentence just as her 6126 clothing line is scheduled to launch. For the average American's professional career, jail time might be a kiss of death, but in LiLo's case, however, experts are speculating that a trip to prison might actually boost the fledgling brand's sales.

WWD took a look at the potential effects that Lohan's recent troubles might have on 6126 revenues, with analysts noting the significance of her revived presence in the tabloid media, and its potential to entice curious shoppers into checking out the embattled jailbird's wares. Celebrity addiction and the desire to own a piece of the day's news, analysts say, may very well override taste and personal style preferences.

Based on other celebrity pitfalls, we're inclined to agree; Kate Moss' career took off after her coke bust in 2005 and Martha Stewart's jail time ended up boosting her brand even more. Especially when fashion is concerned, it's usually the rebels that come out on top.

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