Calvin Klein Takes Cues From Bauhaus For Fall

Francisco Costa's latest effort for Calvin Klein played with architectural shapes and was predominantly black on black, with touches of red, winter white and poppy pink.

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Occupy Wall Street threatened to disrupt Calvin Klein's Fall 2012 show, but in the end only a few protestors showed up. Two rather note-worthy people who did show up at the show -- Rooney Mara and Emma Stone -- which created quite a buzz in the front row.
Francisco Costa said after the show that the collection was inspired by the Bauhaus women of the 1920s, and in general about the kind of clothes that powerful women would want to wear.
While predominantly black (even the show space was all black) there were touches of color including red, rust and winter-white.
While structured and minimalist, the collection had a distinct 1950s feel thanks to ultrafeminine shapes that channeled Christian Dior's "New Look."
There was a heaviness to the collection because of fabric choices like wool mohair.
Leather, which has been all over the fall runways, was a dominant theme in this show -- there were cocktail dresses, trousers and even tee-shirts shown in black leather.
Embellishments were at a minimum with the exception of silver and gold belts.
Eveningwear was minimal, but luxurious thanks to a lot of sparkle.
Like most Calvin Klein shows this one was all about the details -- carefully placed seams, exposed white panelling in side pleats and rounded sleeves.
It is hard to not draw comparisons between the styling in the show and Rooney Mara. Hair was slicked sideways or cropped with cut bangs just like the actress. Makeup was kept ultra-simple.
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