British Fast-Fashion Brand Biba Relaunches (Again)

British department store House of Fraser will relaunch Biba, the fast-fashion clothier most famously-associated with swinging '60s and '70s London, in stores and online by the end of the month.

In 2006, investors sought to revive the brand as a higher fashion pursuit—a venture that ultimately folded in 2008. The latest incarnation of the Biba legacy goes back to the brand's original roots as an accessible, hyper-contemporary line of daytime and party-worthy deparates catering to the trends of the current moment. While at the height of London's '60s and early '70s cool, that meant mod shifts, platforms and huge hats, today's rollout will include fitted, feminine jackets, jeans, gowns and a range of trendy tops, priced between roughly $55-$624 (jeans will go for around $100 a pop).

Plans include the opening of Biba flagships within House of Fraser stores by next spring, as well as full offerings to 23 countries outside the UK via by the end of the month. Lucky us, Americans can already shop the collection. After all the '70s-inspired wares we saw walking down the runway this past fashion week, Biba's revival this time around seems like a fitting one.

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