Prepare Yourselves: The Outnet’s $1 Sale is Tomorrow

The Outnet

Okay, darlings, it's time to get ready for some knock-down, drag-out shopping warfare tomorrow, when the Outnet's $1 sale goes live on designer goods regularly priced in the thousands.

Take a deep breath and, to quote Friday Night LightsClear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose. Scrambling onto one website to snag multi-thousand-dollar discounts for a dollar among the competing claws of many other savvy shoppers probably won't be pretty.  In order to come away with the desired prize, we thought we'd highlight three of the best tips we've found from the Outnet's cheat sheet.

1. You'll know the sale start time via email, and since you can only buy one item, stay focused.
2. Items in the shopping bag aren't yours until payment is confirmed, so if you're sure about what you want, just get it right away.
3. If you shop by your size, you'll see what's actually available for you (as opposed to clicking on your favorite designer and getting all frustrated that it's already sold out)

The key word here is preparation.  There's still plenty of time to get your account updated now and peruse the offerings and size charts to have a pre-determined idea of the game plan.  Upon receipt of the announcement email, you should be ready to breeze in calmly and, with some quick clicking skills, target your prey and go in for the get. 

We'd also advise avoiding a late-night partying session (those of us heading to Zac Posen's late-night party will just have to suffer), since let's face it: Hangovers will only get in your way.

Part of our own personal preparation involved not mentioning the sale at all, in hopes you'd forget and thus minimizing the competition for ourselves, but frankly, we felt guilty withholding the one-dollar goodness.

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