Bottega Veneta's Customization Tour Caters to City's Rich and Fabulous

The New York leg of Bottega Veneta's U.S. customization trip touches down today through Sunday, during which time representatives will work with select (lucky) clients to create bespoke bags under the theme, "When Your Own Initials Are Enough".

The extremely exclusive event will bring together clients and ateliers from company headquarters in Vicente, Italy for one-on-one meetings to essentially design their own Bottega Veneta piece. (Sidebar: Essentially, this is the stuff of dreams for the majority of New Yorkers.) According to WWD, customers are presented with swatches and skins from which to choose and the sky's the limit from an $800 wallet to the biggest ticket item, an $80,000 bag -- for those whose own initials are very important, we imagine -- with opulence so great it caused a woman carrying $20K on her arm to gulp Champagne before taking the plunge.  Each creation takes between three to six months to make.

That quirky outcome of the bad economy has turned out to be growth in the veyr top of the luxury goods sector, a trend Bottega Veneta reps confirmed with the customization initiative and increased sales in bespoke products from bags to furniture.

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