Bloomingdales’ Private Sale Underway

Getty Images

Today through Thursday, April 22, Bloomingdale's is hosting a semi-private sale for cardholders and anyone diligent enough to visit the store's information desk to use $25 coupons on every $100 they spend.  There's more, but brace yourself: There's a manual.

Shoppers with coupons will get some sweet deals on everything, including discounts of 25 percent off on merchandise that, some cases, has already been discounted up to 40 percent. Thusly, the markdowns apparenly vary according to department. I'ts all terribly confusing.  Madison Avenue Spy directed our attention to the sale manual -- an epic outline of different discount options in various departments, but the overall sale strategy seem almost geared toward misdirection. That said, the deals are there for those who can find them.

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